If you or a loved one faces charges for a crime or if there is a bench warrant for your arrest, hire the Peoria criminal defense attorneys at Stewart Law Group. The Stewart Law Group has decades of criminal defense experience in Arizona. Contact us today.

Facing accusations of a crime is a stressful and trying time for a defendant and his or her family. Criminal trials put the freedom, civil rights, criminal records, and future of the individual in jeopardy, so seeking legal counsel is imperative for the best outcome in a criminal case. Though no attorney can guarantee your desired outcome, criminal defense lawyers fight hard to use the truth, the law, and your story to fight for the best results. Neglecting to hire an attorney often results in worse, more severe consequences.

Why Choose The Criminal Lawyers at Stewart Law Group?

The two attorneys at Stewart Law Group, Scott David Stewart and Colin Bell, have a record of excellent case outcomes in Arizona criminal defense. Our firm has a reputation for a fierce but compassionate defense that gets results.

  • Stewart Law Group has decades of experience, serving thousands of clients.
  • Both attorneys are former prosecutors, meaning they have the skills to predict what the opposition will do.
  • The attorneys are part of Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice and the National College for DUI Defense, among other groups and defense law societies.
  • The firm has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether guilty or innocent, all individuals accused of crimes in Arizona have the right to the help of a defense attorney. Going without an attorney often results in heavier punishment, unjust outcomes, and cases that favor the prosecuting party. In cases of DUI, domestic violence, theft, and larceny, attorneys can offer investigation, sound advice, and a powerful defense that makes a big difference.

If you or a loved one require legal help, contact the Peoria defense attorneys at Stewart Law Group for a free consultation today. You do not have to face a criminal trial alone.

Some Areas of Criminal Defense Law We Help

Attorneys can specialize in several areas of criminal defense law. The attorneys at Stewart Law Group have experience in a number of defense cases in the courtroom. Here are some examples of common criminal defense cases.

DUI Defense

Thousands of traffic stops every year result in charges of DUI and DWI (driving while intoxicated). Driving under the influence is operating a vehicle with a blood-alcohol level (BAC) over 0.08%. In most traffic stops, the average BAC registered on a Breathalyzer is more than double the legal limit. Peoria DUI Attorneys can help to decrease the damage done to a defendant’s personal and professional life by finding the facts, and in some cases, getting the charges reduced, or helping the defendant keep the right to drive.

Domestic Violence Defense

A domestic violence offense or restraining order comes with a heavy stigma and significant personal consequences. In some cases, the victim is dishonest or is not telling the whole story of an event, resulting in wrongful accusation. Arrest or imprisonment because of a domestic offense is not always the end of the story. A domestic violence attorney in Peoria can find the facts and create a plan for the best shot at freedom and restoring the defendant’s name.

Drug Defense

The differences between charges for using drugs, possessing them, and selling them are massive. Along with those differences comes room for misunderstandings and charges beyond what is true. A defense attorney can learn every detail of a drug case and formulate an effective defense.

The Peoria criminal defense attorneys at Stewart Law Group are here to help you if you are accused of a crime. Don’t hesitate to call us today to seek counsel.